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Introduction to project

B-connect is a text messaging service that helps its users to market their business by text messaging. It currently involves mass messaging by creating different campaigns and sending over promotional offers. B-Connect was not different from its competitors and to stand out in the market they needed to offer something special to their users to stay ahead of the competition. So, an idea to add a feature to an existing web app came into existance.

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What webcroz did ?

Challenges we faced

B connect adds a reservation system to an already-built web application to help its users book appointments. B connects links the Marketing system with Reservation System. These microservices run under a marketing system where clients can create IDs and get updates through text messages. Thus ensuring a professional way of slot booking and handling User data.


Conducted extensive research and analysis to identify and integrate the latest technologies to ensure scalability.
Collaborated closely with end-users to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform.
Implemented rigorous testing protocols and continued to gather feedback from users to fine-tune the platform and optimize performance.

Achieving Success through Webcroz IT Solutions & Services

Results Conclusion

The solution was to add a reservation system that integrates seamlessly with the existing Marketing System. This will be achieved by developing a separate microservice, the Reservation Service, that will connect to the Marketing Service through APIs.

The Reservation Service will be developed using NodeJs and MongoDb, which will allow for fast and efficient development and scalability. This service will have a robust system for managing appointments and schedules, allowing businesses to easily manage the availability of different technicians. The system will also provide an easy-to-use interface for customers to book slots, including the ability to view available slots, choose a technician, and select the services they want.

Customers will be able to sign up and log in, and will receive a text message after booking a slot as a confirmation. The system will also include features such as the ability for businesses to toggle on/off the requirement for a credit card to book a slot and set a cancellation fee. Additionally, businesses will be able to customize features and slot-time. They can also add promo codes from redemptions that are sent out.

Moreover, the system will include tracking history of the slots such as time when it was booked, technician (if any), and features used (if any).

Overall, the solution is to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use reservation system that integrates seamlessly with the existing Marketing System, allowing businesses to manage appointments and schedules, and customers to easily book slots, which will ultimately increase revenue for the businesses and improve the overall customer experience.

B connect works through a single frontend system based on vue 2. It connects the 2 backend systems working as separate services with the separate databases connected via APIs. The first service is marketing services developed in PHP - Laravel with the database SQL. The second is reservation services developed in NodeJs with the database MongoDB.

Thus, two parallel microservices are running simultaneously, ensuring the system's scalability. The reservation services use existing API for following data retrieval using Sanctum API authentication. At the same time, marketing services will deal with the different stores of technicians and schedule appointments with them. Administrators can also view the technicians' schedules from this location. Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS after making an appointment using the company's messaging platform. The app allows subscribers to book their appointment without the hassle and complete the registration process.

How it Works

We have some easy steps
to process

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Initial consultation
The first step was to conduct an initial consultation with B-Connect to understand their needs and requirements. Webcroz team listened carefully to B-Connect's vision and discussed possible solutions.
After gathering all the necessary information, Webcroz presented B-Connect with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, project timelines, and cost estimates.
Project kick-off
Once B-Connect approved the proposal, Webcroz initiated the project kick-off process. This involved setting up project management tools, assigning a dedicated team, and scheduling regular meetings with B-Connect to ensure alignment.
Design and development
The design and development process started with creating wireframes and user interface designs for the Texting platform. Once B-Connect approved the designs, the development team began coding and building the platform.
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